Blogging for 2012: Quality over Quantity

A popular tradition with ringing in the new year is making a resolution. Some people choose to lose weight, while others may want to learn a new language or travel more often. There are even those brave souls who take on multiple resolutions because they are excited about a fresh, clean slate and want to do something in order to improve their lives.

However, many resolutions fizzle quickly as the excitement of doing them wanes just a few weeks into the new year–it’s not uncommon for a lot of people to cancel their gym memberships after a month or so. Still, there are people who succeed at accomplishing what they set out to do from the first day of the new year. But the reality is life happens for many or the resolution is more than the person bargained for, and it’s difficult for many people to accomodate their new year’s goals into their already busy lives.

My Resolution for 2012

Last year, I vowed I would write a blog entry for each day of the year. Unfortunately, I didn’t come close to reaching my goal, so I have set a more realistic resolution this year.

Towards the end of 2011, I wanted to see if I could write an entry for each day in December. I came very close to the goal I had set, but I did miss one day during the middle of the month. I wasn’t discouraged for the missed entry, so I kept on writing and was proud of myself for sticking to it.

The process of writing can be time consuming because it requires sitting down to decide what I want to write about before actually jotting down the words and formulating sentences. There are times I have an idea or I have read a news article that catches my attention, while on the other days I have writer’s block and find it a struggle to write about anything interesting–or not so interesting.

In addition to writer’s block or general lack of ideas, I struggle to set aside time to write or I have no motivation at all. I spend close to two hours a day stuck in traffic for my commute during the work week, while I spend close to nine hours at work. The battle with traffic is definitely energy draining, so writing an entry can transform itself into a chore after I come home from work, eat dinner and take a quick nap. As a result, the writing suffers when I put less of a priority on it, or I rush to publish something before the day is over.

Quality over Quantity

I don’t plan on writing as many entries as I attempted last year because I do not want this blog to become a chore or an obligation. It is my hobby, and one in which I want to enjoy and to have fun working on.

When I started Trung Chatter, my intention was to use it as a tool to improve my writing skills. So keeping that goal in mind, I will sacrifice quantity for quality. I want to write well thought out entries, even if it takes me several days to complete each one.  This way I can look back and be proud that I did my best and put all my efforts into producing the best writing of which I am capabable. Here’s to a great 2012 and a great year of blogging!

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