A Foggy New Year’s Day at the Beach

One benefit of living in Southern California is the accessibility to the beach. Another benefit is the consistently good weather. On new year’s day, temperatures hovered around 80 in some parts of San Diego County, thus, making a trek to the local beach a worthwhile journey.

On this fortuitous day of warmth and sunshine, I traveled to the beach right along the Oceanside pier where I recorded a video using my iPod Touch as I sat on the sand, soaked up all the sunshine and listened to the waves. Even though the iPod may not have the greatest of cameras installed on it, the camera was able to capture a nice moment to start 2012.

I wanted to share the video on YouTube, but I thought to myself, “Why would anyone be interested in watching a video where all I’m doing is panning across the beach and nothing of interest is happening?” I decided the best thing to do would be to add a special effect to the video, which would give it some pizzazz, so I turned to the iMovie program installed on my computer.

I have used used iMovie in the past to add an introduction to my previous videos, but I have never used it to add any type of special effect. As with many of Apple’s programs, iMovie was simple enough to use, even for a novice filmmaker such as myself–I kid about being a novice filmmaker.

I scrolled through the numerous pre-installed special effects so I could experiment with them and preview how the video would look once the effect was applied. I narrowed my choices down to two special effects: fog and letterbox. Using the fog effect added a hazy element to the video, giving the sensation of a sandstorm, while the letterbox clipped off snippets from the top and bottom that gave it the letterbox feel with which many of us are familiar.

The video took me a roughly five minutes to create, but the total time spent in iMovie hovered somewhere in the twenty minute range since I did try all the effects on the video. Enjoy!

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