Enter the Dragon

I know we celebrated the new year just a few weeks ago, but it’s time to ring in the new year again this weekend Vietnamese style. Tết has arrived–technically, it’s on Monday, January 23rd–and with it brings us the year of the dragon, which reminds me of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Slayer and, finally, the time on Friends when Joey gave himself Dragon as a cool work nickname at his new job.

This year, I am hosting a meetup at the  San Diego Tết festival Friday night, which happens to be tonight. On Saturday, I have plans to trek back down there with some other friends but the forecast shows there are chances of showers Saturday afternoon, so if mother nature doesn’t cooperate, I suppose we’ll have to postpone going until next time.

I am looking forward to soaking up everything in the atmosphere such as  seeing all the women wearing their áo dài, watching adults give li xi to children, watching the stage performances and mostly importantly–I cannot stress this last point enough–the food!

So, dear friends, please have yourself a great weekend and a happy new year. Chúc mừng năm mới!

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