Kings of the Cup

I really enjoyed this amazing YouTube video that recaps the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals series between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. It’s quite impressive to say the least due to the outstanding quality of the chosen footage, the music selection, and the drama of the series.

There is one thing that bothered me about the video; it happens around 21 seconds into the video. The commentator, Mike Emrick, says, “You see his name as both a pronoun and a verb describing the way he plays,” when referring to Jonathan Quick’s last name.

First, it is incorrect to categorize Quick as a pronoun when referring to someone’s last name. The proper categorization is proper noun.

Second, it is incorrect to refer to quick as a verb. Quick is an adjective, as in, “Jonathan Quick is very quick.”

I don’t know whether “Doc” was caught up in the moment, or if he thought pronoun and verb flowed much better than proper noun and adjective. I do think he does his audience a disservice when it comes to his ad-hoc grammar lesson.

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