Parking Prices, Assemble!

Having crawled out from under my rock, I learned that Comic Con started yesterday in San Diego. I have never attended this grassroots event turned media circus due to my lack of interest and my hatred for dealing with crowds. However, I happened to catch a quick news story, which you can watch here, about the parking situation.

Comic Con might be a boon for the event itself, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, taxis and so forth, but it’s having a negative effect on residents who live and work in downtown San Diego.

Parking prices have escalated as there is more demand with so many people attending this annual event. The increased demand has meant that residents/workers used to paying $5 to $7 are seeing prices ranging from $20 and even as high as $50 to $60. The result of Comic Con has a negative, albeit short-term, consequence for these people who are experiencing price gouging for an event in which they do not even attend–let’s not forget the increase in traffic and heavy crowds.

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