Head of the Class

I promised a new entry several weeks ago, and as promised, here it is.

Recently, I completed an online class at one of the local schools in San Diego. The class’s name is unimportant because what I would like to discuss in this entry is my experience with an online class.

It wasn’t my first foray into the world of online classes. I had taken two previous classes for credit and didn’t seem to have an issue with those classes.

Although I passed the class with an A, I wasn’t satisfied with my experience this time. I think had I been required to attend the class in person, it would have been a better experience because there would have been better student/teacher interaction. The instructor did her best to make the class interactive by requiring students to post replies to weekly topics, but it isn’t the same as discussing the subject in person.

The teacher did her best to insert an anecdote here and there, but she kept to reading directly from the PowerPoint slides. Was I happy with the class? Over all, I would say I was dissatisfied with it, but I enjoyed the subject matter because it has been one of my interests for quite some time.

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