Pooch has perfect bracket on eve of Final Four

A dog living on the outskirts of Colombo, Sri Lanka has a perfect bracket on the eve of the Final Four, which is part of the NCAA’s men’s division 1 basketball tournament, commonly known as March Madness in the United States.

Ocho, or Ate as he’s known throughout his village, pawed his way through the first, second, third and fourth rounds. His master, John Smith, who grew up in the greater Seattle area and settled in Colombo after excursions across the world, explained how he used a stick to sketch the tournament’s bracket on the dirt floor of his Tiki hut several days before the tournament started. He awoke one day and noticed how each matchup had a paw print next to what would eventually be the winning school’s name. Intrigued, Mr. Smith continued advancing schools based on Ocho’s paw print for each round before he ultimately made the selection for the tournament’s champion.

Once Ocho made all his selections, his mater submitted the bracket to CBS, ESPN and Yahoo! Mr. Smith was amazed after the first round, when all of Ocho’s selections advanced. He was utterly bewildered that his furry friend was able to predict all the upsets and not-so-upsets. Mr. Smith was left even more speechless as every choice continued to advance through the round of 32, Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

Ocho is on the verge of completing the perfect bracket should his choices for the Final Four and championship match win their games; however, the odds are still against Ocho. According to statisticians, the odds of selecting a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion due to the many permutations in the tournament. Should Ocho’s selection for the Final Four and championship match hold up, he would become the first animal on planet Earth to accomplish this extremely rare feat.

The Final Four pits Villanova against Oklahoma and North Carolina against Syracuse. Both games will be played Saturday April 2nd in Houston, TX. Villanova is a two-point favorite against Oklahoma, which is considered the closer of the two matchups, while North Carolina is heavily favored against Syracuse. Ocho chose Syracuse to upset North Carolina and will play Villanova in the championship game on Monday April 4th where Villanova will ultimately put an end to Syracuse’s Cinderella run.

Whatever the outcome of the three remaining games, it’s still quite an amazing accomplishment for man’s best friend considering no one has come this close to a perfect bracket ever.

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