Inspiration (In-spi-ra-tion):  the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative.

感動(かんどう): 美しいものやすばらしいことに接して強い印象を受け,心を奪われること。

It’s no secret that I became interested in Japanese culture after watching BabyMetal perform on the Late Show. It has been almost two years since I started studying Japanese. I didn’t think I would get this far, but here I am. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be able to read and write in Japanese, or even have a conversation, even if is basic, but here I am. I recall spending the first month of my studies practicing on trace sheets to learn how to write Hiragana and Katakana, then going on Twitter to look for tweets in Japanese so I could try to identify each character.

I have tried to work hard because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t give up easily because learning Japanese has been something positive in my life and helped me fill a void. I admit there have been times of frustration, even to the point in which I took a month off. What has helped me stay motivated and keep me inspired is watching videos of BabyMetal. I see three young people working hard towards fulfilling their dreams and not giving up. I also see three young people trying their hardest to speak English at times even though it’s not their native language. How can one not be inspired by that?

Recently, I watched the following video. Needless to say, this performance inspired me to keep working hard and not give up on my studies.

Additionally, I am truly grateful for all the friendships I have made these past two years. Helping my friends with their English and receiving their support and encouragement when I am feeling down about my progress in Japanese is truly wonderful. These are the things that keep me motivated and inspired. 一生懸命頑張ります.

Edited 9/27/2019: previous video was removed from YouTube. Updated post with a new video.

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