Salsa Dancing in the Street

I went to a free salsa concert in Escondido last week. The concert was part of a series of concerts that the Center for the Arts puts on annually. It was great seeing so many people salsa dancing outdoors. I ran into a friend who I met about four years ago and snuck in a few dances with her. I haven’t danced any salsa since last year. Ironically, the last time I did do any kind of salsa dancing was at the same event last September. I had a lot of fun dancing again, but I definitely didn’t have my legs so I felt winded despite dancing only three times.


I plan to go to the final performance of this year’s concert series on September 28th because it will feature another Latin band that plays salsa music. I’m looking forward to it because it’s always nice hearing salsa music, and I enjoy dancing even though I’m a bit rusty. I do feel like I’m out of touch with the salsa scene in San Diego because I haven’t been very active the past several years, so it feels special to me when I have the opportunity to dance again, especially when there is live music.

I am working on another blog entry, but I am writing it in Japanese as part of my writing practice. The topic is related to dancing, but I’m keeping the details under wraps until I post the entry.

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