Reflecting on 2018

As 2018 comes to end, I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year. I’m not sure where to start because it feels overwhelming to try to summarize the entire year in a single blog post. I plan to write about a significant event that happened recently, but it can wait until next month because I need to collect my thoughts. For now, it’s probably best just to write about things that come quickly to my mind as I think about 2018.

I used the momentum that started towards the end of 2017 to continue my efforts in my Japanese studies. I have made many new friends, both Japanese and non-Japanese, this past year. Each and every one of them has helped me in some way or another to improve my Japanese, so I am grateful for their friendship and support. I wore a yukata for the first time ever in my life and attended several Japanese festivals. Although I had some difficult times, the good memories far outweighed the bad ones.

Time seems to be fleeting as I grow older. In a roundabout way, I feel like I have come full circle. Although I am not a parent, I have a friend who is my age. His daughter, who is 18-years old, drove me somewhere recently. All my mind could focus on was that I held her as a baby, and now she was driving me somewhere. It’s amazing how quickly time passes these days. This realization has helped me focus on living my life to the fullest so that I don’t live my life with any regrets. Oftentimes, I will ask my friends, “Will you regret not doing it 10 years from now?” when they ask for my advice on any matter. Now I will have to ask myself that very same question.

The new year, 2019, will bring a whole new set of goals and challenges; triumph and failure. I hope that I will continue to grow as a person as I learn from all my experiences, both good and bad. I have one particular goal in mind that will be challenging, but it’s something that I want to try. I will probably have to ask myself, “Will you regret not trying it 10 years from now?” occasionally so that I don’t get discouraged. It will serve as a reminder that life is too short to play it safe all the time. Even if I fail, then I can live the rest of my life knowing that I tried my best to accomplish this goal. No doubt, I hope to make 2019 a memorable year.

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