About two months ago, I changed my blog’s theme because I wanted it to have a minimalist design. In addition to changing the blog’s theme, I asked my friend Brett to create a new banner for the blog. Although I liked the old banner, I thought it was time for a new one. Additionally, I wanted the banner to match the minimalist design of the theme, but I wanted it to have elements that would represent my Vietnamese background and my interest in learning the Japanese language. Needless to say, Brett came through for me and created the current banner that you see on my blog today.

Because the new theme and banner felt like a rebirth for my blog in some ways, I spent a weekend deleting old blog entries that I felt were repetitive or didn’t represent my best efforts. I surprised myself quite a bit because I deleted close to 700 blog entries. It wasn’t difficult for me to say goodbye to the older entries because they didn’t spark any joy for me. They did provide a good timeline of how my writing has evolved, or maybe it hasn’t even evolved, but it was my editorial decision to delete anything that I felt didn’t show my best efforts. In the end, I’m happy with my decision.

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