Hip to the Hop

A couple of months ago, YouTube recommended some flash mob videos to me that took place in Japan because I often watch Japanese-related videos for listening practice. Somehow, I became addicted to the Japanese flash mob videos, which often involve a marriage proposal or a wedding reception. I thought the dance choreography was amazing and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.

As I watched more and more videos, I became interested in hip hop dancing. Having always wanted to learn the robot, I started wondering if it would be possible to incorporate any of the dance moves I saw in the flash mob videos into salsa dancing. I don’t really go salsa dancing much these days, but I would really like to experiment by throwing in a couple of hip hop moves during a salsa dance without it making the dance seem awkward.

Salsa dancing is a partner dance, but there are times when you can separate from your partner to dance freestyle, which is called a salsa shine. I haven’t taken any kind of hip hop class, but I would like to take at least one to see what it’s like. I did watch a few videos for very basic hip hop moves, so maybe I’ll try those moves, in addition to the moves I saw in the flash mob videos, the next time I go salsa dancing.

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