Head Games

Most of the time, I work in a small room with my coworkers, some of whom talk incessantly, which fills the room with an unending cacophony that is not only distracting but also gives me a headache. So back in August, I decided to “invest” in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I’ll be honest. The headphones were not exactly cheap, but I decided that I couldn’t really put a price on my sanity, so I made the leap and bought them.

I haven’t needed to use the headphones at work since I bought them because I was given a different assignment last month and haven’t been working too much in the same room with my coworkers, so in a sense I have lucked out for the time being.

I have been using the headphones at home though, and I think they sound great. However, I am by no means an audiophile, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m expert when it comes to audio. In fact, I was perfectly fine using an inexpensive speaker with my laptop at home, but the headphones have basically replaced the speaker for my listening needs.

The ultimate stress test for the headphones will come very soon though. Unfortunately, I will be working again in the same room with a coworker who is capable of turning a twenty-second story into a three-hour soliloquy. I sincerely hope the combination of the noise cancellation and music will drown out any and all inane chatter, or else I might end up drafting an email to NASA asking if their astronaut helmets are capable of blocking out all noise!

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