In a Metal Galaxy Far Far Away

BabyMetal released their third studio album called Metal Galaxy this past week on October 8th in Japan, with an international release date of October 11th. I pre-ordered a digital copy of the album a couple of weeks before it went on sale and was able to download a few of the songs. I heard these songs already because the band started debuting them at concerts last year, and they were released gradually as singles.

Shortly after 9pm/PST in the US, I got an email notification on October 10th that my credit card was charged for the rest of the pre-order purchase. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this notification until October 11th. To my surprise though, the entire album was available for download several minutes later. It didn’t take me any time to download the rest of the album and to start listening to it.

As of this writing, it’s fair to say I have listened to the album several times by now. The album represents the band’s continuing evolution as it finds the right blend between J-pop and heavy metal. This isn’t to say that the writers weren’t afraid to experiment with the album because they weren’t. There are elements of Indian and Scottish (or is it Irish?) music mixed in with a couple of the tracks that give the album more of an international feel to it. One song that stood out to me is “Brand New Day.” It’s not my favorite song on the album, but it’s definitely one that I enjoy hearing several times in a row.

When the group started, many thought they were a gimmick, but BabyMetal is definitely a more mature group at this point and especially with this new album. Metal Galaxy is not too much of departure from their early days, but there is a noticeable evolution in the music. However, elements of cuteness fused with heavy metal are still present in this follow up to 2016’s Metal Resistance. After original member Yui-metal’s unexpected departure from the group last year, the remaining duo of Su-metal and Moa-metal have picked up the pieces and continue to lead BabyMetal into the future. What does the future hold in store for BabyMetal? Only the fox god knows.

Btw, the Japanese version of Metal Galaxy contains two tracks that aren’t available on the international version. Because I wanted those songs, I found a Japanese company that is licensed to distribute BabyMetal’s songs digitally (and legally), so I purchased just those two tracks from the Japanese company’s website. For just the two songs themselves, I paid half the amount of what I paid for the entire international version of the album. What can I say? I really wanted those songs! 🙂

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