Discovering Discovery Lake

Hidden within San Marcos, California, a small suburban city in San Diego County, is a lake called Discovery Lake. When time permits, I go for a walk around the lake, coffee in hand, in order to relax and to clear my mind. Walking around the lake and enjoying nature, whether it be hearing the occasional chirp from a bird, seeing small critters scurrying around the lake they call home or gazing at the lake itself, is nothing short of tranquil.

I have taken walks around the lake on cold, frigid mornings and on warm, sultry afternoons, but each time has been a serene experience. Throughout the years, I would stop momentarily to take pictures of the lake, some of which I would like to share as part of this photo essay. Several of the pictures were taken from similar points at the lake, but I feel each shot has its own unique story to tell.

What has been the most unique and interesting experience at Discovery Lake? It would have to be the time I spotted a man riding his horse around the lake.

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