The Field

I’m standing alone in the middle of a field, but how did I end up here? I see nothing but a vast expanse of land that stretches endlessly in every direction. I hear nothing; it’s completely silent. There are clouds hanging in the sky, and the sun is rising. Or perhaps the sun is actually setting. I’m so disoriented because I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t have my phone on me, so I can’t contact anyone. There’s no one else in sight, so even if I started yelling, no one would hear my cries for help. Should I start walking? How long will it take me to make it back to civilization? It feels useless. Trepidation creeps into my body, but I try not to overreact because I need to stay calm.

Suddenly, the faint breeze that has been sweeping across the field gradually grows in strength and shakes the stalk of plants. The overhanging clouds have begun to grow in size and density as they meld with each other. I can see the sun lowering itself back into the horizon. So many thoughts are racing through my mind. What’s happening? Why is this happening? My breathing becomes shallow and I start panicking. My hands are trembling. There’s nothing but eternity in every direction, and I’m all alone. The sunlight is fading quickly. I start running, but it’s too late. The light has completely disappeared. Darkness overtakes the endless land that was once there. I stop running to catch my breath. Even though it’s pitch black, I close my eyes to gather my thoughts, then something happens.

I wake up and sit up quickly from my bed. My body is covered in my own perspiration. I look at my hands. They aren’t shaking anymore, but my heart is still beating so fast. Wait a minute. Was this all just a dream? Impossible. Everything felt so real. I look around my room, then take a look outside my window, its curtains still drawn. There’s no one outside, and there’s no other sign of life. Am I still dreaming? A moment passes, then reality hits me. I am not dreaming anymore. I am isolated from the world.

One thought on “The Field

  1. Perhaps you are not isolated from the world. The universe is isolating itself from all the noises.
    Profounding and letting go of things

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