The Emerald Turtle

Far deep in the bamboo forest, there once lived an emerald turtle. He was called the emerald turtle because the color of his shell matched the precious green gemstone. He lived a long, fulfilling life that was filled with so many adventures and experiences. Those who met him described him as kind and altruistic, wise and peaceful. He helped those who needed it and gave advice to those who asked for it. He treasured every moment of his long life, which was replete with so many unique memories. He was not without folly though. But it was from this cognizance that he focused on to improve himself each and every day.

It was on this fateful day that he found himself halfway up the red mountain on what was perhaps his final adventure. The sun had begun its ascent from the horizon half an hour ago. The radiating sunlight energized him as he willed himself up the mountain’s pass. The light breeze cooled his old, tired body on a surprisingly warm early morning. As he took each step, he reflected on his life, and as he approached the mountain’s summit, he took a moment to soak in the sunlight one more time. Finally, at the top of the mountain, he scanned the horizon and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that surrounded him. Then for the final time in his life, he meditated one more time.

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