Requiem for a Lake

I received sad news the other day that one of my former colleagues passed away recently. We weren’t very close, but I am grateful that I ran into him at a Japanese festival last year because it gave me an opportunity to say goodbye to him and wish him well in his retirement. Serendipity is strange in many ways. I jotted down some thoughts that had been percolating in my mind these past few days. I would be remiss if I didn’t share these thoughts, which eventually became the following short poem.

“Requiem for a Lake”
The tortoises cry, their friend is gone
He enters the vortex for the final time
He is verklempt but his placid nature keeps him stoic and calm
His proclivity for esoteric words had no rival
Occasionally brusque but replete with kindness and altruism
The crunching sound of carrots permeates the air
Finally, he begins his trek towards the setting sun
His pink shirt glistens against the sky’s fading azure

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