Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 1


Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 1

Michael opened his eyes. He went to sleep earlier than usual last night because he was running on fumes. He glanced at his clock. He had slept for nearly eleven hours. Lots of sleep was just what the doctor ordered. He jumped out of bed, then headed towards the bathroom to brush his teeth. He skipped breakfast this morning because he was going to meet his friend Joe at a cafe soon. They hadn’t seen each other in ages, so they decided to meet for coffee and shoot the breeze.

Part 2

「Running on fumes」は疲れたという意味です。
「Just what the doctor ordered」はちょうど欲しいか必要なものという意味です。
「Shoot the breeze」は雑談するという意味です。






  • 楽しくてにしましょう→楽しく学んでいきましょう
  • 話の音取を聞きましょう→話しの聞き取りをしましょう
  • マイケルの例日→マイケル平凡なある1日
  • 飛び出て→飛び起きて
  • 時計に目を通し→時計をみた
  • 2人は久しぶりに会う→彼らはもうしばらく会っていない

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