Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 4


Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 4

Michael and Joe ordered their food and drinks, then grabbed a couple of seats on the patio. They talked about various topics. Joe told Michael about a woman he started dating two weeks ago. Michael talked about how he went to Disneyland three days ago with his younger brother. They went on a ton of rides and pigged out on a ton of food like pizza and hot dogs. Michael and Joe talked for two hours, then Joe told Michael he had to get going because he was going to meet his girlfriend for lunch soon. Michael said he needed to call it a day too because he had to run errands and take a trip to the grocery store. They said their goodbyes, then parted ways.

Part 3 | Part 5

「to grab a seat」は席かソファに座る、腰を下ろすという意味です。
「to call it a day」は活動や仕事などを終わりにする、切り上がるという意味です。
「to take a trip (somewhere)」はスーパや図書館、郵便局ような所に行ってくるという意味です。




パート3 | パート5


  • ライド→乗り物
  • ガンガン→ガッツリ
  • お使いに行って、スーパに行かなきゃぞ→スーパーに用事に行かなきゃ

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