Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 5


Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 5

Michael finished running his errands, then stopped by the grocery store on his way home. He bought ingredients to make lasagna for dinner. There was a two for one sale on ice cream, so he also bought a couple of cartons of his favorite ice cream, which usually costs an arm and a leg. He got home at a quarter past 6. After putting the ice cream in the freezer, he started making the lasagna. He wasn’t good at cooking food, but he was going to make the lasagna, rain or shine. It took an hour, but Michael finished cooking at 7:30pm. The lasagna turned out better than he expected. He ate two pieces, then ate a small bowl of ice cream.

Part 4 | Part 6

「Two for one sale」は1つの値段で2つ買えるという意味です。
「cost an arm and a leg」は値段はとても高いという意味です。
「rain or shineかcome rain or shine」は晴雨を問わず、降っても照っても、どんなことがあってもという意味です。




パート4 | パート6


  • お使いをしてて、そして家に行く→用事を済ませ、帰る
  • ラザニアの晩御飯を作るために、食材→ラザニアの材料
  • 1つの値段で2つ買えるから、一番好きなアイスクリームも2カートン→2つで1つの値段のアイスが売ってたので、1番好きな物を2箱
  • ラザニアも2つ やアイスクリームも→ラザニアを2切れとアイスを

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