Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 6


Michael’s Ordinary Day – Part 6 (The finale) 

Michael washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, then took a shower. He got a text message from his mother while he was showering. She asked him to give her a call so they could talk about his father’s surprise birthday party next Saturday. She wanted to make sure they were on the same page about the party. The party was going to be at his father’s favorite restaurant. Only close friends and relatives were invited. Michael’s mom asked him to pick up a birthday cake at the bakery before coming to the restaurant. After ending the call with his mom, Michael felt like watching a movie, but he decided to call it an early night because he could barely keep his eyes open. He brushed his teeth, then hit the sack at 9:20pm. The end.

Part 5

「to be on the same page」は全員が同じ考えや状況を理解するという意味です。
「to call it an early night」は家に帰るか早く寝る、眠るという意味です。
「barely keep one’s eyes open」は疲れて寝不足でなど眠くなってくるという意味です。
「to hit the sack」は寝る、眠るという意味です。






  • 皿を洗って→皿洗いをし
  • サプライズパーティーを→サプライズパーティーについて
  • 予定を理解しているか→内容を分かっているか
  • に招待されておいた→を招待しました
  • パン屋さんにケーキを買い寄ってね→パン屋さんでケーキを買って来てね
  • お願いをした→頼まれた
  • 電話を切った後は映画が見たいように気がしたけど→電話の後映画を観たかったけど
  • 早く寝たいと思った→眠くなってきたので寝る事にした


  • 書いた→書いてあった

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