Jennifer’s Easter Sunday – Part 1


Jennifer’s Easter Sunday – Part 1

Jennifer changed into her favorite blue dress. Today was Easter Sunday, which meant she would be going to church with her family. Even though she was 12 years old, she still got an Easter basket filled with various Easter chocolates and candy from her parents. “How do I look?” she asked her mom and dad who were sitting on the couch. “Oh, honey, you look great,” her mom said as she used her phone to snap a couple of pictures. “Thanks, mom. You look great, too,” Jennifer said as she struck a pose for the camera.

Every Easter Sunday, Jennifer and her family would also have Easter brunch at a restaurant before going to church. “Well, ladies, shall we hit the road?” Jennifer’s dad asked after her mom finished taking pictures. Jennifer’s mom said, “Yup! I’m famished. I have a feeling I’m going to eat like a horse today,” then everyone laughed and left the house.

Part 2

「To snap a pictureかto snap pictures」は写真を撮るという意味です。
「To strike a pose」は写真のためにポーズをとるという意味です。
「To hit the road」は出発する、立ち去るという意味です。
「To eat like a horse」は大食い、馬食するという意味です。







  • 好きな→お気にりの
  • 写真のために→写真用の
  • レストランでブランチ(食事)もしに行くということ→レストランでブランチも食べる
  • 馬食する感じがしている→もりもり食べるわよ〜

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