Jennifer’s Easter Sunday – Part 4


Jennifer’s Easter Sunday – Part 4 (The finale)

The church’s courtyard was buzzing with activity. There were so many children looking for eggs. Forty five minutes ago, the church’s bell rang three times, which signaled the start of the annual Easter egg hunt. There were probably a couple hundred eggs hidden all over the large courtyard. Children found eggs hidden in bushes, near statues and the water fountain and in the grass. Jennifer and Tiffany weren’t really looking for eggs. They were having fun just shooting the breeze and watching the other children look for eggs. 

The Easter egg hunt was starting to wind down, so the girls decided to call it a day. Jennifer and Tiffany said, “See you next Sunday,” as they waved goodbye to each other. Jennifer found her parents talking with other parents in front of the courtyard’s front entrance. Linda asked Jennifer if she had fun. Jennifer said she had a blast. Larry said, “Well, ladies. Are you ready to hit the road?” Linda and Jennifer both said yes, then all three of them went home.

Part 3


「buzzing with activity」は賑やかという意味です。(俗語)
「shooting the breeze」は雑談という意味です。(熟語)
「to wind down」は仕事や会議など事が徐々に終わるという意味です。(日常の自動詞)
「to call it a day」は活動や仕事などを終わりにする、切り上がるという意味です。(熟語)
「have a blast」は楽しい、楽しむという意味です。(スラング)
「to hit the road」は出発するという意味です。「熟語」



This place is buzzing with activity. Everyone looks like they’re having a blast.

I’m gonna hit the road now because the party looks like it’s winding down.

I had a blast shooting the breeze with you today, but I’m going to call it a day.


Wind down(ワイン・ドン)






  • 鳴ってあったということは→鳴った、それは
  • 巨大な中庭には卵を200個以上隠れておいたかもしれない→大きな中庭のいたるところに、200以上の卵があるだろう
  • 隠れておい→隠されていた
  • 終わるから→終わりそうだったので
  • はいを→「はい」と
  • ともは出発した→家に向かった

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