A 4th of July Bash – Part 2


Jeff’s backyard was buzzing with activity. Jeff, who was wearing a red, white and blue hat, was busy grilling food on the barbecue. People were stuffing their faces with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips and corn on the cob. There were several children swimming in the pool, and there were a couple of boys playing football. 

David, beer in hand, was shooting the breeze with some friends. He had just scarfed down a few burgers and hot dogs. On top of that, he was also feeling a little tipsy after downing a few beers. One of David’s friends, Fred, asked, “How much dough do you think Jeff dropped on that silly hat?” David laughed and said, “I don’t know, but I sure hope he didn’t break the bank.” 

Around 8:50pm, Jeff made an announcement that the fireworks show at the nearby park would be starting in about 10 minutes.

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「buzzing with activity」は賑やかという意味です。(スラング)
「to shoot the breeze」は少し雑談するという意味です。(熟語)
「to scarf down food」はぱぱっと食べるという意味です。(スラング)
「to down a drink」は一気飲みするという意味です。(スラング)
 「to stuff one’s face」はたくさん食べる、大食いするという意味です。(熟語)
「to drop money on something」はお金に払う、お金をかけるという意味です。(スラング)
「to break the bank」は大した額にはならないという意味です。(熟語)



The cafe was buzzing with activity. (カフェは賑やかだった。)
I like to shoot the breeze with my neighbor once in a while.(たまにお隣さんと雑談したいと思う。)
My friend was so hungry that he scarfed down his meal in one minute.(友達はお腹空いて、1分で食事をぱぱっと食べた。)
My friend was so thirsty that he downed the bottle of water in 20 seconds.(友達は喉乾いて、20秒で一気飲みした。)
I dropped all my dough on my new car.(新車にお金を全部かけた。)
I stuffed my face with sushi the first time I went to Japan.(初めて日本に行った時、すしを大食いした。)
I don’t want to break the bank on a new car. (新車を買いたいけど、大金は使いたくない。)


Potato chips(ポテトチップス)
Corn on the cob(コン・アン・ザ・コブ)





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