Abduction – Part 1


Dan Stevens is running for his life as he meanders through the woods. The “green” people have been chasing him for almost ten minutes and were only twenty feet behind him. Growing tired and tired by the minute, Dan steps out of the woods and into a large open space. Would be caught and used in an experiment? No way, he thought to himself. All of a sudden, a craft appears out of nowhere and emits a yellow beam towards Dan, then disappears into the dark, starry sky.


Several days later, Special Agent Felix Bonham pulled up to the site of the disappearance and stepped out of his car. The sheriff’s office decided to enlist the help of Felix’s organization, The Exalt, which specializes in investigating paranormal activity. Several campers reported seeing a strange, bright object in the sky on the night of Dan Stevens’ disappearance. After getting his equipment from the trunk of the car and setting up camp, Felix noticed several unusual and rather large footprints in the soil. He took pictures and made notes in his notepad.

The night was extremely cold, but the campfire kept Felix mostly warm. Morning was drawing near, and Felix soon prepared himself to begin his investigation. He started walking into the wood and began making occasional notes and tape recordings about anything unusual or peculiar. He was using a compass that he brought with him to guide him through the woods. As he got deeper and deeper into the forest, he saw several tree roots coming out of the ground. They were all glowing a fluorescent color. Suddenly, the needle on his compass started spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Then out of the blue, a yellow light blinded him. The tape recorder dropped to the ground as a metallic vehicle disappeared into the sky.

Regaining consciousness, Felix opened his eyes only to squint due to the light from the lamp hanging above his head. He couldn’t move nor feel his body. He was able to turn his head slightly, but the room was dark. He could see the outline of what appeared to be a table. It appeared to have a human lying on top of it. Feeling weak and exhausted, Felix could only think of one thing; how would he escape?

Part 2

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