Abduction – Part 2


Felix used whatever strength was in his body to get up, but he couldn’t budge his body because he was strapped to the table on which he was laying. The room was extremely quiet and very dark. The light from the lamp hanging over caused him to feel disoriented. Felix attempted to say something to the person lying on the other table, but all he could muster was a whisper. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a door open. He could sense something approaching him, but he couldn’t focus his vision. He began to panic as sweat flowed from his body. Then he felt a needle prick his left arm. He felt an immediate throbbing sensation throughout his body and could not keep his eyes open.

Felix regained consciousness. How much time had passed? He tried again to raise his body, but he was still strapped to the table. Then he heard the sound of a door open again. He could hear the sound of footsteps quietly making contact with the floor. Even though he couldn’t see anything, he could sense someone, or something, close to him. Felix felt like a rabbit being preyed upon by a fox. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed his mouth and pried it open. He could see the outline of shapes and figures in the background, but he couldn’t see much of anything. Felix tried to fight back, but he was too weak and was unable to put up any resistance. Suddenly, he heard the sound of something similar to a drill. From the darkness, a red light appeared and moved toward his agape mouth. The red light began to pierce Felix’s teeth. Felix wanted to scream, but several hands restricted his movement and he felt paralyzed. The pain was too intense, and then he lost consciousness again.

The shaking wouldn’t stop. There were muffled voices, but everything was incoherent. Then as if he was snapped out of a dream, Felix opened his eyes. He felt terrified. He was no longer laying on a table. He felt soil on his back. Where was he? Regaining his focus, he saw a man talking to him, but Felix was so disoriented he couldn’t understand anything the man was saying. Moments later, the sirens of an ambulance echoed through the air. A farmer had discovered Felix and had called 911.


Two weeks passed since Felix’s incident. After a short recovery, he wrote a report and presented it to his supervisors at The Exalt. In the report, Felix concluded that both he and Dan Stevens were abducted by extraterrestrials. Per standard protocol, The Exalt provided the government a copy, but it was immediately rejected. The government denied the existence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth and that it didn’t waste its time investigating fairy tales. Dan Stevens’ disappearance became a cold case, but Felix knew Dan Stevens was abducted and was probably in the same room as him. Despite the government’s denials about extraterrestrial life, Felix knew the truth was out there and that he would bring it to light some day.

Part 1

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