BR Stories – Drunk Sincerity

BR Stories is a collection of short stories in which I challenge myself to include five random, esoteric words that I learned from the lyrics/songs of punk rock legends Bad Religion.

  1. Ratiocination – (noun) the process of exact thinking; a reasoned train of thought.
  2. Rapture – (noun) a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.
  3. Inchoate – (adj.) just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
  4. Bucolic – (adj.) relating to or typical of rural life.
  5. Obsequious – (adj.) too eager to help or obey someone important.

“Drunk Sincerity”

Billy’s heart was pounding; sweat protruding from every pore in his body. The large office was quiet. All eyes were on him, almost as if boring a hole through his body. He was still feeling tipsy, but he managed to maintain his balance. He was kneeling on one knee while holding Kara’s left hand. Only thirty seconds had passed since he asked her to tie the knot, but it felt as if an eternity had passed. Billy’s inchoate plan came together three hours ago after consuming several beers with a friend. The alcohol impaired his ratiocination, but he decided today was the day he would ask Kara, his girlfriend of eight years, for her hand in marriage. He paid the bar tab, then hastily rushed home to grab the engagement ring he had purchased several months ago.

Billy exited the apartment building, hailed a cab, and before he knew it, he was standing outside Kara’s work place. He stumbled through the large open space office, which was decorated with bucolic paintings scattered on all the walls. Kara’s coworkers were used to seeing Billy meeting her at the office for lunch, but they were quite surprised to see him staggering towards her desk. The scent of alcohol grew in intensity as Billy approached Kara’s desk. Confused, Kara didn’t know what to do as Billy grabbed her hand and led her to the middle of the office. Usually obsequious, Kara resisted at first, but before she knew it, they were both standing in the middle of the office.

Billy got down on one knee, muttered a few words, opened the small black box, then popped the question. All of Kara’s coworkers gasped in unison. After the initial buzz of chatter subsided, the room grew eerily quiet. Everyone stared with nervous excitement. Kara, who was so embarrassed, turned a dark shade of red. She was annoyed that Billy proposed to her when he was clearly inebriated. Billy was extremely nervous as he waited for Kara to answer him, but the alcohol calmed him at the same time. Kara took a deep breath as she looked down at Billy. She could see the rapture in his eyes, which expressed nothing but love for her. Finally, she said, “Yes.” Billy ask for confirmation, and Kara nodded her head. Billy slid the ring onto her finger, then everyone clapped and gave a loud ovation as Billy jumped up from bended knee and gave Kara a big hug and kiss.

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