Third Time’s a Charm

At long last, I traveled to Japan last month for the first time in three years; the hiatus was the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the Japanese government relaxed border entry requirements for foreigners on October 11th, I wasn't planning on going to Japan because the prices of airplane tickets were higher than … Continue reading Third Time’s a Charm

Reading Between the Lines

Recently, I have been focusing on reading Japanese books and novels to improve my comprehension. I am a firm believer in linguist Stephen Krashen's input hypothesis for learning second languages, and I believe reading native-level books is a great, and fun, way to learn a language because you can learn vocabulary in context and learn … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

BR Stories – Turn on the Light

BR Stories is a collection of short stories in which I challenge myself to include five random, esoteric words that I learned from the lyrics/songs of punk rock legends Bad Religion. Tartan - 1. (noun) a woolen cloth woven in one of several patterns of plaid, especially of a design associated with a particular Scottish … Continue reading BR Stories – Turn on the Light

The Bún Riêu Chronicles – Part 4

It was a hot, sultry morning in Hồ Chí Minh City, or as many of the locals called it, Sài Gòn. More than usual, the humidity was oppressive, but Carter Nash was used to it by now. It had been a little over a year since he arrived in Việt Nam. Carter was standing in … Continue reading The Bún Riêu Chronicles – Part 4


Last month, Opera, the company behind the Opera web browser, announced a unique partnership with Yat Labs. Anyone who uses the Opera web browser can start using Yats to navigate to a website. So, what exactly is a Yat? Well, it's not quite a yacht, and it's definitely not a yeti. According to Yat Labs's … Continue reading Pencil-Book-Tiger-Dog

Comprehensible Input

Sometimes in life, you have to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. Although I have been immersing myself in native-level Japanese content, I feel that my listening comprehension hasn't improved much and is still on the weaker side. I probably understand about 20% to 30% of everything I hear, whether … Continue reading Comprehensible Input

Language and Reflections

As 2021 comes to an end, I have been reflecting on my Japanese studies this past year. It has been about a year and a half since I hit the reset button how I have been learning Japanese. When I first started, I focused on studying grammar from textbooks and memorizing a list of vocabulary … Continue reading Language and Reflections

BR Stories – Drunk Sincerity

BR Stories is a collection of short stories in which I challenge myself to include five random, esoteric words that I learned from the lyrics/songs of punk rock legends Bad Religion. Ratiocination - (noun) the process of exact thinking; a reasoned train of thought.Rapture - (noun) a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.Inchoate - (adj.) … Continue reading BR Stories – Drunk Sincerity

Abduction – Part 2

2 Felix used whatever strength was in his body to get up, but he couldn't budge his body because he was strapped to the table on which he was laying. The room was extremely quiet and very dark. The light from the lamp hanging over caused him to feel disoriented. Felix attempted to say something … Continue reading Abduction – Part 2

Abduction – Part 1

Prologue Dan Stevens is running for his life as he meanders through the woods. The "green" people have been chasing him for almost ten minutes and were only twenty feet behind him. Growing tired and tired by the minute, Dan steps out of the woods and into a large open space. Would be caught and … Continue reading Abduction – Part 1