I took the following picture of a shirt at a cat cafe called Cat & Craft this morning. One of the baristas was wearing the shirt, which I thought was cute and interesting, so I asked the barista if I could take a picture of it. A male cat that's an avocado? The word "avogato" … Continue reading Avogato

I Hope We Can Meet Again

Last month, I read a Japanese novel called 今度君と逢えたら. The title translates roughly into I Hope We Can Meet Again. It took me a month to read the book because I didn't know how to read many of the kanji and had to search for words I didn't know, but I managed to do it … Continue reading I Hope We Can Meet Again

Forgotten Words – Part 3

Escape Still reeling from what was happening, Walter stood there in stunned silence. Was this a bad dream? No matter how many times he pressed the button to activate the jump back in time, nothing happened. He quickly inspected the right time bracelet and noticed some superficial damage to it. It must have happened when … Continue reading Forgotten Words – Part 3

Forgotten Words – Part 2

The Hunt The five male Neanderthals had been walking for nearly twenty five minutes. Each member continuously scanned the forest as they walked side by side. It was if their senses were on high alert and they were keeping constant vigil of their surroundings for any potential threats. Other than an occasional grumble, the group … Continue reading Forgotten Words – Part 2

Forgotten Words – Part 1

Genesis Walter Smith had been watching the group intensely for nearly thirty five minutes. Despite the uncomfortable heat and humidity, not to mention the constant buzzing of pesky insects around him, he never broke his concentration or gaze from the group, which consisted of five adult males, seven adult females and eight children ranging from … Continue reading Forgotten Words – Part 1

Requiem by a Lake

I received sad news the other day that one of my former colleagues passed away recently. We weren’t very close, but I am grateful that I ran into him at a Japanese festival last year because it afforded me a proper chance to say goodbye to him and wish him well in his retirement. Serendipity … Continue reading Requiem by a Lake

Zombie Crush

Melody was running as hard as she could, but her legs were growing weary with every step. Her lungs were screaming for air and her breathing became more and more labored. Victor was closing his gap with her quickly. Melody knew as soon as her long-time friend caught up with her, her fate would be … Continue reading Zombie Crush

The Emerald Turtle

Far deep in the bamboo forest, there once lived an emerald turtle. He was called the emerald turtle because the color of his shell matched the precious green gemstone. He lived a long, fulfilling life that was filled with so many adventures and experiences. Those who met him described him as kind and altruistic, wise … Continue reading The Emerald Turtle

The Field

I'm standing alone in the middle of a field, but how did I end up here? I see nothing but a vast expanse of land that stretches endlessly in every direction. I hear nothing; it's completely silent. There are clouds hanging in the sky, and the sun is rising. Or perhaps the sun is actually … Continue reading The Field