The Emerald Turtle

Far deep in the bamboo forest, there once lived an emerald turtle. He was called the emerald turtle because the color of his shell matched the precious green gemstone. He lived a long, fulfilling life that was filled with so many adventures and experiences. Those who met him described him as kind and altruistic, wise … Continue reading The Emerald Turtle

The Field

I'm standing alone in the middle of a field, but how did I end up here? I see nothing but a vast expanse of land that stretches endlessly in every direction. I hear nothing; it's completely silent. There are clouds hanging in the sky, and the sun is rising. Or perhaps the sun is actually … Continue reading The Field

Discovering Discovery Lake

Hidden within San Marcos, California, a small suburban city in San Diego County, is a lake called Discovery Lake. When time permits, I go for a walk around the lake, coffee in hand, in order to relax and to clear my mind. Walking around the lake and enjoying nature, whether it be hearing the occasional … Continue reading Discovering Discovery Lake

Taste of Burma

Did you ever wake up one day and think to yourself, "Well, gee willy. I really want to go eat some delicious Burmese cuisine today. Where should I go?" Well, you're in store for a treat today. A few weeks ago, my friend Ken asked me if I had ever eaten Burmese food (Myanmar for … Continue reading Taste of Burma

Boba Theory

Back in September, I went to a new milk tea/boba store in Irvine, CA with a friend. I had never heard of this place, but later I learned it was quite popular in Chino Hills and that the owners decided to open a new store in Irvine recently. My friend had warned me ahead of … Continue reading Boba Theory

In a Metal Galaxy Far Far Away

BabyMetal released their third studio album called Metal Galaxy this past week on October 8th in Japan, with an international release date of October 11th. I pre-ordered a digital copy of the album a couple of weeks before it went on sale and was able to download a few of the songs. I heard these … Continue reading In a Metal Galaxy Far Far Away

Hip to the Hop

A couple of months ago, YouTube recommended some flash mob videos to me that took place in Japan because I often watch Japanese-related videos for listening practice. Somehow, I became addicted to the Japanese flash mob videos, which often involve a marriage proposal or a wedding reception. I thought the dance choreography was amazing and … Continue reading Hip to the Hop

The Cat’s Meow

I went to a cat cafe called Cat & Craft near my place the other day. What surprised me the most was that there is a cat cafe near my place. I found out about Cat & Craft through one of my Meetup groups because an event was held there recently. The cat cafe consists … Continue reading The Cat’s Meow

2019 Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday, I went to the 2019 San Diego Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. I wrote about it last year in Japanese, so I decided to write about this year's festival in English. Inside the Japanese Friendship Garden I hosted the event for two of my groups. Leading up to … Continue reading 2019 Cherry Blossom Festival


About two months ago, I changed my blog's theme because I wanted it to have a minimalist design. In addition to changing the blog's theme, I asked my friend Brett to create a new banner for the blog. Although I liked the old banner, I thought it was time for a new one. Additionally, I … Continue reading Rebirth