Taste of Burma

Did you ever wake up one day and think to yourself, "Well, gee willy. I really want to go eat some delicious Burmese cuisine today. Where should I go?" Well, you're in store for a treat today. A few weeks ago, my friend Ken asked me if I had ever eaten Burmese food (Myanmar for … Continue reading Taste of Burma

Boba Theory

Back in September, I went to a new milk tea/boba store in Irvine, CA with a friend. I had never heard of this place, but later I learned it was quite popular in Chino Hills and that the owners decided to open a new store in Irvine recently. My friend had warned me ahead of … Continue reading Boba Theory

In a Metal Galaxy Far Far Away

BabyMetal released their third studio album called Metal Galaxy this past week on October 8th in Japan, with an international release date of October 11th. I pre-ordered a digital copy of the album a couple of weeks before it went on sale and was able to download a few of the songs. I heard these … Continue reading In a Metal Galaxy Far Far Away

Head Games

Most of the time, I work in a small room with my coworkers, some of whom talk incessantly, which fills the room with an unending cacophony that is not only distracting but also gives me a headache. So back in August, I decided to "invest" in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I'll be honest. … Continue reading Head Games

Hip to the Hop

A couple of months ago, YouTube recommended some flash mob videos to me that took place in Japan because I often watch Japanese-related videos for listening practice. Somehow, I became addicted to the Japanese flash mob videos, which often involve a marriage proposal or a wedding reception. I thought the dance choreography was amazing and … Continue reading Hip to the Hop

The Cat’s Meow

I went to a cat cafe called Cat & Craft near my place the other day. What surprised me the most was that there is a cat cafe near my place. I found out about Cat & Craft through one of my Meetup groups because an event was held there recently. The cat cafe consists … Continue reading The Cat’s Meow

2019 Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday, I went to the 2019 San Diego Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. I wrote about it last year in Japanese, so I decided to write about this year's festival in English. Entrance to the Cherry Blossom Festival Inside the Japanese Friendship Garden I hosted the event for two … Continue reading 2019 Cherry Blossom Festival


About two months ago, I changed my blog's theme because I wanted it to have a minimalist design. In addition to changing the blog's theme, I asked my friend Brett to create a new banner for the blog. Although I liked the old banner, I thought it was time for a new one. Additionally, I … Continue reading Rebirth

Thoughts on Japan

After studying Japanese for two and a half years, I finally took my first trip to the land of the rising sun. In fact, it was my first trip overseas ever! I was nervous at first, but once the plane landed at Narita Airport, I felt so many different emotions that ranged from elation to … Continue reading Thoughts on Japan

Reflecting on 2018

As 2018 comes to end, I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year. I'm not sure where to start because it feels overwhelming to try to summarize the entire year in a single blog post. I plan to write about a significant event that happened recently, but it can wait until … Continue reading Reflecting on 2018