Not Just Another Holiday

I hope we don't see today as just another holiday where we just take the day off and forget its meaning. Martin Luther King, Jr. played such a pivotal role in not just civil rights, but human rights. I wanted to take some time to share some stories about him that I felt were important. Martin … Continue reading Not Just Another Holiday

Violence Against Foreign Brides

A friend sent me the following link here about South Korean men who are using marriage brokers to help themselves find brides from Vietnam. While arranged marriages are not unusual in a lot of societies--Vietnam included--the business aspect of these marriages have seemed to dilute the meaning of marriage, at least if we are to … Continue reading Violence Against Foreign Brides

From MLK to NDAA

As I sit here pondering what I shall write about on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a sudden thought crossed my mind. I had read several headlines marking the 10 year anniversary of Guantánamo Bay. For those of you not familiar, Guantánamo is a military prison which President George W. Bush and his administration opened shortly … Continue reading From MLK to NDAA

Plenty of Empty Homes

Here is a rather sad statistic from this blog entry here. It is astonishing how there are 3.5 million homeless people in this country while there are 18.5 million vacant homes. One must wonder by how much those numbers will rise in the new year if  the economy does not improve for those who most … Continue reading Plenty of Empty Homes

Hide-And-Go Seek in Syria

It looks like the fun is continuing in Syria as the government is playing hide-and-go seek with detainees, who have been arrested for working "with journalists, or were defectors, or involved in protests," by hiding them from international monitors. A Syrian security officer in Homs told Human Rights Watch that after the government signed the … Continue reading Hide-And-Go Seek in Syria

Cleaning the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta has become the personal dumping ground for Shell to unload its crude oil as the company announced its booboo of spilling thousands of barrels of oil off the coast. While the spill was not intentional--because let's face it, lost oil is oil that cannot be sold for a profit--it reeks of human … Continue reading Cleaning the Niger Delta