Lessons from Haditha

When I read this chilling story here, I couldn't imagine what would possess one person to set another person on fire because of the psychopathic way in which this homicide took place. Then I recalled a headline from Democracy Now! about a New York Times article discussing the Haditha massacre of 2005. For those unaware, … Continue reading Lessons from Haditha

More Than One Prius

A friend and I recently had a discussion regarding the Toyota Prius, the hybrid automobile from the Japanese car manufacturer. Somehow in the course of our discussion, I pluralized the word Prius by calling it Priuses. My friend corrected me by telling me the pluralization of Prius is actually Prii--I didn't offer much of a … Continue reading More Than One Prius

Defining Trung

I decided to end September 2011 on the funnier side of life. A couple of my coworkers brought to my attention a website called Urban Dictionary. If you haven't heard about this website, it allows readers to submit definitions for terms one may hear on the street and may not otherwise find in a standard … Continue reading Defining Trung

We Are Troy Davis

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog entry. Earlier tonight, the state of Georgia executed murdered Troy Davis, a man who maintained his innocence of killing an off-duty police officer back in 1989 to the very last moment the state took his life, at approximately 11:08 pm eastern time. The US … Continue reading We Are Troy Davis

Ending the Gestation Crates

I haven't written much when it comes to animals rights. With the exception of a couple of stories, most of my writing is focused solely on human rights. I decided to write something regarding Smithfield Foods' terrible treatment of pigs after receiving an email asking me to sign this petition. If you are a fan … Continue reading Ending the Gestation Crates

A Laboring Assault

"An injury to one is an injury to all!" - Industrial Workers of the World The attacks against the labor movement have shifted from the workplace to the classroom. This past week, a full-frontal assault was launched against two labor professors, Judy Ancel and Don Giljum, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and St. Louis … Continue reading A Laboring Assault

Killing the Innocent

This article from Rolling Magazine called "The Kill Team" paints the chilling portrait of how US soldiers engaged in despicable activities towards Afghan civilians. I wrote here about how any violation of the Geneva Conventions is a war crime and should not go unpunished; in this case, the attacking of and killing of innocent civilians … Continue reading Killing the Innocent

Helping Japan

The internet is buzzing about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan earlier today and its resulting tsunami that has had a significant impact on places as far away as California, which is no stranger to earthquakes itself. If you would like to help, please consider Doctors Without Borders, The American Red Cross, or any … Continue reading Helping Japan

Credit Card Default

This story here illustrates adverse selection running its natural course. First Premier Bank seemed like a good choice for people with bad credit scores seeking a credit card and found themselves not qualifying for one with other institutions. However, with the bargain basement interest rate of 79.9%, "people ran up the card, defaulted and went … Continue reading Credit Card Default

The Tradition of Coin Cleaning

Last week, I read this interesting story about a hotel that continues a tradition of cleaning the coins it collects from its guests. "Since 1938, all the coins the St. Francis acquires through its cafe, restaurants and bars - all of it tarnished by the grime of the outside world - has made its way … Continue reading The Tradition of Coin Cleaning